Americans voted at record levels to oust NRA-backed Donald Trump and usher in a safer, brighter future.

Kris Brown is the President of Brady, one of the nation’s oldest and boldest gun violence prevention organizations. Learn more about the Brady Campaign’s elections work.

After four years of lethal failures to address gun violence in this country, we won the White House back from the NRA and gun lobby. Now that Joe Biden has been elected President of the United States, our country is on a path to prevent gun violence and save lives. He and Vice President Kamala Harris, both proven gun safety champions, will put an end to Donald Trump’s four years of lethal inaction on…

They chose not to take action, so voters will. November is coming.

Brady and our youth-led initiative, Team ENOUGH, helped organize the July 9th rally at the Virginia State Capitol. About 1,000 people attended to demand action on gun safety.

On July 9, members of the Virginia General Assembly had an opportunity to make our Commonwealth safe — it was literally in their hands. It’s been a little over a month since 12 people were shot and killed in Virginia Beach, but the tragedy of that day lingers with us and will not go away. …

The NRA was originally founded to promote responsible gun ownership, but it operates today solely to make the gun industry rich — at the cost of American lives.

The NRA was founded in 1871 to advance rifle marksmanship, firearm safety and competency. For a very long time, it focused on this mission successfully and grew its membership of hunters, sportsmen, and responsible gun owners.

Sadly, the NRA of today would be completely unrecognizable to its founders. It’s strayed almost entirely away from any meaningful programmatic efforts related to its mission in favor of trips to Russia, dark money, backroom deals, feathering the beds of lobbyists, million-dollar spokespeople, and a 24/7 fake news machine that is designed exclusively to foster unfounded fears among its members and the public. …

Brady President Kris Brown with her two daughters.

This month marks a number of shootings that wracked our country. We must take action by educating ourselves about the effects of gun violence and how we can support survivors. Brady’s proud to share new resources to do just that.

Every year, April is one of the hardest months for the gun violence prevention community. Each “anniversary” of a high-profile shooting comes with its own pain and its own lessons. It’s an important time to reflect and recommit to the movement to end gun violence — including vowing to support survivors everywhere.

As a graduate of Virginia Tech and a…

The Million Mom March, held on the National Mall on Mother’s Day 2000 and in 77 communities across the country, was the largest protest against gun violence in U.S. history. At close to a million participants, the Million Mom March would hold that record for 18 years until the March for Our Lives.

I was there with my own mother. I remember the feeling of standing united with so many other women and girls who were inspired to join the movement to end gun violence. Today, my commitment has redoubled — not only as a mother to two daughters…

Kris Brown, President of Brady (

President of Brady, America’s oldest and boldest gun violence prevention group. Learn more at #TakeActionNotSides

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